Thursday, July 03, 2008


Present condition: The congregation in Mactan may start to get cold in its fellowship and service in its ministry for the following factors:

  • The beginning of school sidetracked the mind of everyone especially the youth and their parents
  • Due to economic reasons, adults has to work doubly hard to cope up with the rising market price
  • My personal decision to work part-time has distorted the direction of the church in general

Solution/Action Plan:

- Revive the Growth Method of MCOC (Invest, Invite, Include)
- Revive Monthly theme to direct the church in general
- Revive the bulletin board to inform the church about what’s going on in the church
- Revive the Prayer Warrior to strengthen the faith of the church
- Revive and re-plan discipleship program (Adult, Singles, Youth, Children)
- Revive the monthly potluck with a specific program and objective for every potluck to revive fellowship
- Revive the once-active ministries and promote them to the church/Develop or enhance each ministries to the next level (empower them)
- Revive the Small Group Sunday Bible Study
- Revive Care groups (even just once a month) to encourage brethren within zone
- Re-plan direction, goals and program for youth and singles
- Plan a once-a-month visitation to encourage brethren to involve in the church
- Revive fellowship outing with core leaders
- Revise flow of worship to avoid monotony or boredom
- Revive singing practice and enhance the program
- Revive and re-plan Wednesday Devotional as “Re-Charge”
- Give new look in the chapel/Assign rooms or place for Sunday SGBS
- Ask involvement and help from able members to help in each of these endeavors

How to communicate these plans:

  • Schedule a potluck/meeting with core members and ask them to involve in the revival plan of MCOC
  • Schedule a retreat with core leaders to discuss specifics and details
  • Inform the congregation of the agreed plan of action
  • Implement all with the help of everybody
  • Make constant report to update and encourage the members especially the core leaders and/or those who have involved themselves

Friday, June 13, 2008


May 19-25
May 26-June 1
June 2-8

It has been a very hectic month for me, both personal and ministry. The last week of May, I have not updated the report due to constraint of time. I have to work double time to reach my quota for my personal work. Every time month ends I have to make sure that I reach this so I can provide the needs of my family.

Although this has been the case for the past weeks, ministry work has also been doing well. I’m now having Bible studies with 3 good prospects: Aimee YbaƱez, Amy Cagud, and Joy Bustillo. All are already attending worship services regularly.

We have also been busy preparing for our church anniversary which was successful last May 26. We have harvested a few good prospects through that event and we are now in the process of building up rapport with them.

Below are the attendance we had for the past Sundays:

May 18
Adult – 67
Youth – 72
Children – 42
Visitors – 24

May 25
Adult – 39
Youth – 32
Children – 23
Visitors – 1

June 1
Adult – 43
Youth – 46
Children – 30
Visitors – 7

June 8
Adult – 43
Youth – 32
Children – 31
Visitors – 3

Take note that although it is still summer vacation, we have maintained an average of 40 attendances with the adults compared to last year. Our goal of reaching 50 adults attendance (quality attendance) by the end of October is, with the Lord’s help, reachable.

With regards to our goals for our weekly and monthly offering, Bro. Dante has been monitoring it and based from his reports in the past weeks we are averaging Php 7,000.00 a week. Our goal of reaching Php 30,000.00 offering monthly is also, with the Lord’s help, possible.

My prayer is that before the end of the year 2008 we will be able, by God’s grace, surpass our goals and expectations.

I believe that God is on our side this year in spite of the trials we, as a church, have experienced in the opening of 2008. PRAISE GOD!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week: May 12-18, 2008

Aside from the existing people I’m discipling, I have also visited some new prospects:

  • Abrea Family
  • Nang Asing
  • Ophelia & Iking

All are prospects referred to me by Bro. Gerry. I’m still trying to build relationship with these people except for Nang Asing who has already died 2 years ago. I have also visited Ervie Remarata this week. She has already attended our worship service once and I just did some follow-up on her.

On the other hand, you will be pleased to know the Attendance during the English Worship last May 11:

  • Adults 56 (Note: Goal is only 50 for adult)
  • Youth/Singles 48
  • Children 22
  • Total 126

This is really good news and I am hoping the we will reap what we sow before the end of this year. I think our main concern now will be our financial goal of Php 30,000.00/month since we are only averaging Php 20,000.00/month for now. I am still trying to ask God’s wisdom on what He wants us to do about this. In a worst case scenario, I believe that God will provide as He always did.

Thank you for your support.

In Christ,
Aldous Echegoyen
Church Minister